The ALL NEW (renovated) cave room at the Merou Grotto…

We at the Merou Grotto have been very busy over the past few months. On August 15th, we held our grand reopening of the second floor dining room which we have named “The Prophets Lounge”. The evening was a great success and we raised some considerable funds for the Humanitarian Foundation.

After that event, we jumped right into our next adventure which was to renovate the first floor cave room within the building. We began by scraping off as much of the old surface as possible, then we primed the floor for painting. The floor color we chose was maroon, as it is one of our organizations colors. flecks of black, grey, and white paint chips were scattered in the maroon to add texture to the color. The cracks in the floor were then highlighted with some gold glitter glue before the final clear coat sealant was placed on the floor.  The photos show the progression from beginning to end.

View of the dining room from 1933...

Grand reopening dinner and fundraiser

The Prophets of the Merou Grotto, located at 1860 N. River Rd., in West Lafayette, Indiana, cordially invite you to come join us for dinner during our Grand Reopening of the fraternal dining room.

Friday, August 15th, 2014 from 5:00 pm till 10:00 pm.

(reservations required)

Cost: $20 includes four course meal and beverage.

$2 from every dinner sold goes to the Grotto Humanitarian foundation to provide dental work for special needs children.

For more information on the Grotto Humanitarian Foundation, visit:

Reservations for the event can be made by calling 765-463-2621.

Seating is limited.

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