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Greetings All Prophets of the Realm!

Here is your link to pay for your 2018 Dues online.  Please make sure you get this done as soon as possible.

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the Fraternity

A lot of people just do not seem to know what Merou Grotto actually is.  Fundamentally, it is a chapter of the Supreme Council of Grottoes of North America.  The Chapter name is "Merou", and we will even be filling people in on what that word means as well.  Inside our site you will also learn what it takes to be a member as well as a lot about our Charitable Operations by way of the Humanitarian Foundation of the Supreme Council (501c3).

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Hosted Events

Surprisingly to many, we do host events that are open to the public at large.   These can range from public dinners to Dinner Theater/Comedy events.  Additionally, we are looking to further expand our Musical Availability and if you are a member of a band or DJ with a following but no location, contact us.  We also work other local not-for-profits and Non-Profit organizations with reduced or even occasionally no-cost openings.

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The Venue Rental

And of course, most people whom are aware of Merou Grotto are familiar with our exceptionally long history of hosting private events and parties.  Not only do we have one of the largest all-wood dance floors in Tippecanoe County we also have outdoor space that is often included at no charge.  Furthermore, unlike many of our so called competitors, we do restrict your choices for Food Catering ... though it is important to understand any and ALL alcohol catering must be handled through our events coordination.

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What Would You Want to Know?


We are a Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization (501c8) that was chartered in the very early years of the 20th Century (date and charter images forthcoming).  We took possession of our current facility in 1952 and have no intention of relocation anytime in the foreseeable future.

Our facility is actually three (3) total floors and the property covers more than 5 total acres of land along the western banks of the Wabash River.  The first floor is the Cave Room, and received serious restoration to its main chamber in 2014.  The second floor is where our Prophets Lounge Dining Room is located and the Original Hardwood Bar area as well as our primary kitchen and restroom facilities.  And finally our third floor is the Main Banquet and Dance Hall complete with a Stage and the Raymer Bar which was donated in 2015 by the efforts of one of our members.

We also have external space available from the backside of the building, which connects directly to the third floor Banquet and Dance Hall.  That space is where our Wall of Vows may be found.


Support our Charity

This is frequently called by our members as the "Miles of Smiles" or "Dr. of Smiles".  We invite you to learn about and support our charity in any way you may be able.  Follow the link to the Humanitarian Website and make sure they know Merou sent You!