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Meeting Callout (Updated!)

Clarification for Wednesday Meetings (April 23rd).

GROTTO is at 6pm … We realize this is earlier than standard lodge meetings, but Grotto has a lot to discuss. Barbara and Karen (Sovereign Catering) will be at the Grotto meeting as well (Greg has been made aware of their request and agreed). The Mosey and Relay Committee meeting(s)/discussion is after that. All Lodge Brothers who can, should try to make the Mosey/Relay Meeting at 7pm. We need to have the support for these projects as well, and sitting idly by does no one any good.

There is NO MEAL with these.


Greetings Brothers *AND* Prophets,

I am sending this simple email message out to everyone to inform people of a planning meeting for the upcoming Mosey’s on Mainstreet that Lafayette Lodge #123 is joining *as well as* a meeting regarding the Fundraising and Assessorship situation for the Merou Grotto.  The meeting will start at 7pm at this point (Wednesday, April 23rd)), with anyone able to make it sooner welcome to do so (Keith, aka-“me”) will be moving blocks that afternoon out at the Wall behind the Grotto already).
These meetings are important to *BOTH* the Lodge and to the Grotto, and ideas/brainstorming overlaps are welcome at both meetings.  We may also be discussing other important events, such as the Relay for Life Fundraiser this coming Friday at 3J’s Pizza (10:30am-10:30am).  Please do not feel as if your input is not welcome, as the only truly bad question or bad idea are the ones that are never voiced.
Additionally, for the Prophet’s of Merou (and anyone whom would like to volunteer) … the back wall and obtained block must be relocated to make way for the construction of the NEW WALL this coming Thursday.  I’m renting a mid-size moving truck from AVIS to help in this project for Tuesday and Wednesday both.  Anyone whom would like to help, please do so.  Contact me to make sure I’m out there working.  Bring work gloves and/or shovels if you would please.


J. Keith Henry, PM & Secretary @ Lafayette Lodge #123
765-491-5998 (Mobile) (Personal) (Lodge)


J. Keith Henry, Secretary & Event Coordinator
765-491-5998 (Mobile) 765-463-2621 (Grotto)