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Welcome to the Merou Grotto!

More affectionately referred as ‘the Grotto‘, each Grotto is actually a fraternity based upon the principles of the Supreme Council of Grottoes.  Joining the Fraternity is possible, but there are some requirements.

Merou was formed in the earliest decade of the 20th Century, with a membership that quickly rose to the hundreds by the 1940’s, with a great deal of public involvement.  The current location was obtain in 1952 and has remained in the possession of the West Lafayette Chapter (Merou) ever since.

Today, most people know of the Grotto as a place to rent for hosting events.  And that is what we are primarily these days … an Event Destination.  The Merou Grotto remains one of the largest hardwood dance floors in Tippecanoe County and we are among the very rare few locations that do not restrict the renter (that’s you) on your selection of Caterers, Entertainers or Event Service Providers.

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 765-463-2621.

it is now possible to directly pay your security deposit for the date of your interest by going through the Online Booking Calendar.

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