Charity work

The members of the Merou Grotto are constantly doing things for charity. Keep an eye here for upcoming events. If you would like the Merou Grotto to host or help with your fundraising event, please contact us at 765-463-2621.


October 31st, 2015: Heaven & Hell Halloween Spooktacular

Come out and join the Prophets of the Merou Grotto and the Brothers of Battle Ground Lodge # 313 as we celebrate Halloween and raise funds for two wonderful charities. This event will be helping to raise funds for the Jack Davis Memorial Christmas Food & Toy Drive, in addition to Grottoes North America Humanitarian Foundation.

Stay tuned as we are still planning an evening for fun festivities this Halloween as we open all three floors of the Merou Grotto for a Heaven & Hell Spooktacular Fundraiser.

1st Floor: The Haunted Cave

2nd Floor: Dining in Purgatory

3rd Floor: The main dance party & costume contest

December 28th, 2015: Feast of St. John

The Worshipful Master, Wardens, and Brothers of Dayton Lodge #103, would like to invite all Masons (EA, FC, and MM) to join us and Lafayette Lodge #123 at the Merou Grotto on Monday December 28th for the Feast of St. John dinner and fundraiser.  Dinner will consist of Prime rib, baked potato, vegetable medley, salad, and dessert (chicken will be available for those unable to eat meat). There is no charge for this meal; however, you must be a Mason in order to attend. Please bring funds to donate to a charity to be agreed upon that evening. Last year, the funds went to help a family that lost everything in a home fire.

For more information, please contact Edward at 765-463-2621.


As a reminder, at least 10 % of all rental & sales income that is not earmarked for a specific charity goes directly to the Grotto Humanitarian Foundation to provide dental work for special needs children.


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