Attempting to answer the most frequent questions below.

What’s your return policy?

Security Deposit is now part of the rental fee.  If you fail to comply with the contract you will be billed according to the failings of such.

Can we use our own caterer?

Yes, short answer.  Long answer; you are free to use any catering services for food you like.  However, we are the only party with whom you can utilize bar services with.  We can work with your caterer of choice to integrate whatever you would like.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We admit, there are always the possibility of mistakes, but we utilize social media and any other means of communication at our disposal to ensure all your desires are met.

What are the prices?

Everything begins with the security deposit, $300.  Certain events such as for the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Rainbow Girls, Jobs Daughters, DeMolay etc... that may just be the flat price.

We can also customize prices for various additional services which we are able to internally provide.