October 2 – Welcome to Fall

So there are significant changes in place now.  New electrical balance to the Prophets Lounge Bar.  Roof Seals are applied.  Outdoor Signage cleaned up.  New electrical for third/main dance hall (the Raymer Bar) is underway this week prior to the Comedy Dinner Theater this week.Angel on My Shoulder.

Spring Fling 2017

New Dance Floor applications are also being tested this week, and we are keeping out optimism high. Yeah, we’ve got the oldest wooden dance floor in Tippecanoe County, but we also have the BEST DANCE FLOOR as well.

And if you see this, then you’ve also come to realize we’ve been building a new website with an improved booking interface for everyone to use with a two year window out allowed for reserving events now.  More to come.  Stick with us!

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